Efforts for change.


The story about a group of doers, the elegantly simple inventions that they have made to change the lives of millions of people, the unconventional billionaire spearheading the project.

Manoj Bhargava, The Billionaire and the Philanthropist.
It’s a  fact that the time has come where awareness is not enough and it’s a high time that we start doing something about the facts we know.

Only a few are doing this. One of them is  Manoj Bhargava who pledged to 99% of his wealth to charity and using his knowledge to create change.

It is not necessary for all to donate money and to do charity work, but what everyone can do is the best they are good at for the society and for the future generations. If one loves nature, he/she can preserve/protect or simply improve it by adopting simple methods in their day to day schedule.

I personally feel that I am good in connecting so I thought of spreading it to all by using this platform. Decide what you are good at and do it with passion. Comment, spread, express, and do share your innovative ideas. I would highly appreciate it. You can email me your unique ideas or efforts to dmalyan95@gmail.com. Inspire me with your stories  and I will share them with people around me and together we can motivate others.

Here below is a link of a video as a trailer to get inspired and to realize what difference few can make, What if we all give our efforts ! It may become a success of all Thumbs up 



Being Honest with Yourself.

Each lie, each act of dishonesty combines to create a monster that can destroy your character and your life.